Application of biochar in Agriculture

In agriculture, biochar is mainly used to increase crop nutrition, plant growth, and soil fertility. It consequently increases farming productivity as a whole. Additionally, it will enable agriculture to use less water and improve plant growth. Application of biochar to agricultural soils has demonstrated to significantly alter the interaction between plants and soil and primarily result in a quantitative increase in agricultural output through physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms.

The most important use of Biochar is to improve soil quality. To realise how biochar helps with the quality of soil first we need to realise there are billions of microorganisms in just a handful of soil, these microorganisms in soil help plants to stay healthy and vigorous by providing water, oxygen and nutrients through networks of microbes.
In a natural environment the number of microbes and the quality of soil is great, but in cities, towns, sport fields, gardens, etc. the soil is considerably lower quality and could become barren in many of mentioned areas.
The easy solution to permanently improve the soil quality in all environments is biochar. First, biochar physically improves the condition of soil by the microscopic honeycomb form which enhance the water capacity, nutrient retention, and aeration of soil. Second, the structure of biochar biologically improves the soil quality by providing great housing for beneficial biology which defends roots and fight off pests. Third, having a very rich carbon content, biochar improves the soil chemical characteristics. The high carbon content, enhances cation exchange process where more nutrients are retained and available in the soil.
What makes it even more fascinating is that because biochar doesn’t degrade, it is a permanent improvement to the soil and being high in carbon it prevents carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. One ton of carbon in biochar is equal to three tons of carbon dioxide permanently removed from the atmosphere.